Testimonial 1

"Special thanks to Dany for his amazing endurance on the 4th day when we were all falling over from the heat. Thanks as well to Giuli and Nicholl for always being ready to answer stupid questions and for being upbeat and positive throughout the entire trip. Finally a big thank you to all the staff for making a difficult trek both enjoyable and memorable. Many thanks,"

Emma Eliza

Testimonial 1

Nunca me gustó tomar tours , porque siempre todo era muy apurado y los guías siempre tratan de terminar su gestión en el menor tiempo. Asimismo nunca disfrutaba un buen viaje teniendo a los tours como ataduras, sin embargo debo reconocer que en toda esta semana que estuve con el itinerario que nos elegiste fue todo lo contrario; los guías se desvivían por darnos la mejor atención, nos daban el tiempo que queríamos y se notaba que eran chicos muy preparados en especial Jaime, el de

Machu Picchu.

Testimonial 1

For me, everything was great. I had a very nice time. Serengeti was beautiful, and the manager and his staff were great. This nation park is a resting and relaxation place

John Mask

The best part of my trip would definitely be the inca trail. It was possibly the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but the sense of accomplishment when we arrived at machupicchu was overwhelming. Absolutely one of the most spectacular sites I have ever seen. Willy our tour guide was awesome, really made it enjoyable for everyone even when the tough got going. The porters were superhuman and the food was impeccable."

Nathan Baker (Australia)

Lo mejor del viaje fue la tranquilidad que tuvimos en Casa Andina durante nuestro hospedaje y la visita a Machu Picchu. Toda la gestión fue muy agradable y agradecemos mucho el interés y la calidez recibida durante nuestra estadía en el Perú. Nos llevamos un agradable y lindo recuerdo y quedamos muy agradecidas."

Natalia Mendez (Colombia)

I would like to thank Guili, for organizing ti trip in last minute and helping us a lot with our problems and concerns during our stay, for also helping us during our stay with various problems related to us being tourists and not speaking Spanish. We really appreciated it a lot!" )

Barak Turovsky (Israel)